“Andy is an Inspiring personal trainer, knowledgable and very supportive. Passionate about his work and full of great advice on fitness and nutrition. He takes time to understand your goals and helps you to reach them. Andy really built my confidence and helped me to make progress, with sensitivity and great encouragement.”
From Jo, Hampton Hill

“I came to Andy after too long without regular exercise. His sessions enthused me again. My blood pressure dropped and my fitness levels improved very quickly.”
From Matt, Teddington

Three words: Fun, motivating & challenging!Andy helped me train for the ‘Spartan Super-Brisbane’ (August 2015). I finished 12th in my age group and completed 23/25 obstacles! I had found myself in a training rut, and needed someone to encourage me to dig deep and challenge myself. Andy recognised straight away that I wasn’t pushing myself to my ability. Setting himself against me in challenges really helped me to achieve real improvements, especially in my upper body. He helped me believe that I could do it!”
From Lenore, Teddington

“I have known Andy for several years now and the thing that has really impressed me is his passion for health and fitness. Andy has a real determination and hunger to enhance his own physical condition and this drive carries over to those he works with. His clients get an honest, reliable and fun trainer and will be in the right place to achieve their goals.”
Joe Bygrave, Coach/Speaker/Author in human potential

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